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Dance wherever you are

dancearmadas first Album - Out 2021.03.26

Dance wherever you are, is not only the slogan of dancearmada's live set transmissions for virtual clubbing, but also the title of his first ever album. The tracks follow no specific style. They are the results of fragments from interviews, movies, soundbits or melodies that create a connection to what happens around us in small moments or larger contexts. Enjoy the ride and don't forget to #DanceWhereverYouAre 

That's what they say

release dar007

We often hear and get told how we are supposed to behave and what a proper behavior is expected. We might sometimes feel pressure to act according to those unwritten rules, even though we know this is not ourselves, not how we would like to be. It feels like common sense and we have to comply.We all experienced this feeling and we all have different levels of emancipation to free 

ourselves from this thinking. 

There is this beautiful dialog between Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom from the movie "Elizabethtown"  playing with the absurdity of "what they say".It builds the core of this track, along with a playful and humorous instrumental parts. Let's make fun of what they say, don't take it to serious. Start believing in what you say

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