transmissions 2021- Live Recordings

Dance wherever you are - Live Recordings

You want to dance wherever you are and whenever you like ? No problem! The dancearmada is open for you. I put on the tracks, mix and stream them live for you. You dance wherever you are and so we all together. Here you find the live recordings of all sets. Just push play and off you go.

dat.21.08 Time to dance (2021.09.11)

This is the recording of the dancearmada live set from 2021.09.11

This set starts off relaxed with Mogwai's Remix of Max Richter's Sleep Path 5 and some tunes from London's Southbank of Joy Anonymous. You will find some Electro, House and reloaded House classic tracks. Have fun and dance wherever you are

dat.21.07 Body movin' (2021.06.19)

This is the recording of the dancearmada live set from 2021.06.19 

It's a journey through dance music styles and times. We find some pop based dance tracks, as well as some Hip-Hop from the Beastie Boys and Eminem and you will also find Prodigy and Fred again... it's a wild mix or in German "Gemischte Tüte" Enjoy the dancearmada transmission 21.07 and don't forget to dance wherever you are

dat.21.06 dancearmada lounge (2021.05.23)

This is the first Lounge edition in the dancearmada. Let's move all your couches and cushions together and get lazy. Relaxed sounds to chill on a Sunday afternoon. This is the recording from 2021.05.23@16:00 CEST live set.

dat.21.05: April edition of Dance Wherever You are (2021.04.24)

This is the April edition of Dance Wherever You Are. Some soothing tunes, some good vibes house tracks, but also some real banging boards to jump around. It's the recording of the Livestream from 2021.04.24@22:00 CEST

dat.21.04: One year of Dance Wherever You Are - The XXL-Session

It's already one year, that I started to run Live Sets from home and transmit them through the net to make people dance wherever they are. It was a reaction on the first lockdown and the clubs being closed. Now after 24 prior sets... this is the anniversary XXL-Edition with a selection of tracks from the last year.

dat.21.03: 80ies Extended Episode 5 (2021.02.27)

This is the recording of the 5th 80ies Edition, with Twelve Inches from the decade that founded the art of the Maxi, at the dancearmada. The live set was on transmission at 2021.02.27. Of course you will find Frankie & Depeche, but so many more classics + extended versions rarely heard.

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dat.21.02: HouseFürZuHaus (2021.02.13)

Another set of very fine House tunes. A lot of feel good vibe with a lot of new stuff, but also some classics. 

dat.21.01: HouseFürZuHaus (2021.01.16)

Virtual clubbing goes on on 2021. This is the first live set for the year. A lot of very nice House tracks with tons of references to classic disco and house tracks... and my own new track That's what I say.