special edition transmissions - Live Recordings

Dance wherever you are - Live Recordings

Die Clubs sind zu, aber du willst tanzen? Kein Problem! Die #dancearmada hat anläßlich der Schließungen geöffnet.  Ich lege auf, streame live, ihr tanzt da wo ihr seid und so wir alle zusammen. Hier findest du  alle Aufnahmen der Livesets. Clickt einfach auf das Play-Symbol der Bilder und los gehts.  

Die einzelnen Tracks als Playlist: Apple Music / Spotify

SE18: Ambient Flow

Time to relax, get into the flow. Lean Back, enjoy this ambient flow of electronic tunes into the night.


SE17: #80ies Extended IV

We are doing another round through the magic world of the 12''s from the 80ies. Prepare to hear some classic Extendeds and Remixes.

SE16: #Electrovision

The 16th edition comes again with banging electro beats,with some live samples from Nina Simone about Freedom + Martin Luther King to celebrate the day of democracy

SE15: #HouseFürZuHaus

For the 15th edition we're back not just at home, but with house. A smooth and groove start, handing over to good mood dance and swing tracks. Dance !

SE14: #Electrovision

The 14th edition is back to Electrovision A Set with bouncing bass and some elements of House

Enjoy ! 

SE13: #80ies III

For the third time an 80ies special. I digged deep into my archive of the area of 12'' Art and compiled another set full of classics giving the word extended a meaning

SE12: ... Classics,House, Electropop

Connection trouble postponed this one. This time we do have some dance classics, some flow tunes, electro pop and new house tracks. A nice mixture.

SE11: ...back from summer break

... coming back from the summer break

It's a little bit of independent electronic music, some smooth and grooving house tunes and something to chill at the end.

SE10: #80ies II

80ies Part 2

The second part of the #80ies edition. A lot of 12'' treasures and an own remix of Frankie's Two Tribes only available here. 

SE09: #AmbientFlow

Ambient Flow (2020-06-13)

This time I compiled some lazy electronic beats and laid back tunes for an #AmbientFlow. As always, mixed live, transmissioned to wherever you are

SE08: #HouseFürZuHaus

House für zu Haus (2020-06-06)

Back from the 80ies, the dancearmada special "StayAtHome" editions is back for round eight. Live mixed and transmitted to wherever you are.

SE07: #80ies

80ies Pop (2020-05-23)

This one's an 80ies special. It was requested quite some times and I took a deep dive into the 12'' archives of that time. Quite difficult... so much things to play.  Pop-Dance classics. 

SE06: #DanceWhereverYouAre

#DanceWhereverYouAre (2020-05-09)

 Die #dancearmada ist frisch durchgelüftet und auch am Samstag 9.5. gab es wieder was auf die Ohren. Lasst uns zusammen tanzen, wippen, whatever fits. 

SE05: #HouseFürZuHaus

House für zu Haus (2020-04-25)

Auch am Samstag 25.4.  wurde in der #dancearmada wieder getanzt. Diese Woche hieß es  #HouseFürZuHaus. Feinste grooving Beats für eure Tanzschluffen. 

SE04: #Electrovision

Electrovision (2020-04-18)

Nach einem Ausflug mit der #dancearmada über Ostern in die Zwischenwelt, hieß es diese Woche wieder verstärkter Einsatz des Basspedals.  

SE03: #HouseFürZuHaus

House für zu Haus (2020-04-04)

#HousefürZuhaus in der dancearmada, als Tribute an den Radiosender Energy 92.7 aus der San Francisco Bay Area crossing Bay Bridge in 2006

SE02: #AmbientFlow

Ambient Flow (2020-03-28)

Die Special Edition der dancearmada ging in die zweite Ausgabe. Diesmal gab es entspannte elektronische Klänge für den #AmbientFlow ! 

SE01: #Electrovision

Electrovision (2020-03-21)

Die erste Ausgabe der dancearmada Special Edition hat Electro im Sinn