da.transmission 02

Enjoy the recording of the second dancearmada transmission from 2016-03-24
01.So weit wie noch nie - Jürgen Paape
02.Bring Back The Love - Tube & Berger vs. K. Sanders
03.Der Mond - Moonbootica ft. Jan Delay
04.David - GusGus
05.Nothing Matters (Club Mix)-Mark Knight feat. Skin
06.Man Gone (Original) - Weiss (UK)
07.Hippie Hang Out (Original Mix) - Gabi 2B
08.Rejoice (Original Mix) - Hertz & Subway Baby
09.They Don't Know - Tomcraft
10.Human You - Ante Perry vs. Tube & Berger
11.Written High (Original) - Tomcraft
12.So weit wie noch nie (outro) - Jürgen Paape