What makes our groove (dar001)

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Everybody is half dead. Everybody avoids everybody. All over the place, in most situations, most all the time.

I know, I'm one of those everybodies, and to me it is terrible. And so all I'm trying to do all the time is just open people up so they can feel themselves and let themselves be open to somebody else. That is all. That's it.

I always thought I was shaking people up, but now I want to go at it more, and I want to go at it more deliberately, and I want to go at it coldly. 

I want to shake people up so bad that when they leave a nightclub where I performed, I just want them to be to pieces [...] and just drive them insane 

When I'm calm and cool and really got the antenna working, you know when to push and you know when to not. Nobody can tell you though, you have to feel it. In any situation between human beings. It's what makes a groove." 

Nina Simone "To be free"

Released: 2018-03-30. My very first release

Credits: Thanks to Jonathan Dagen for the inspiring DNA Project taking me to a lot of places and to Nina Simone's Interview, Nina Simone for the break-to-pieces-energy and to my appreciative gang.

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