No sun in the sky (dar004)

Credits: Credits to Elbow and their beautiful and inspiring tracks. For this one especially "The Birds (Reprise)" from build a rocket boys, which first delivered the mood I was looking for and secondly the sample that founded the underlying core of this track. Saying that special thanks to John Moseley for his voice full of emotions and melancholy that made me want to do a track like No sun in the sky. Thanks to the Hallé Youth Choir for this beautiful mumble intro. Very special thanks to Guy Garvey telling the stories of the songs like no one does. Always inspiring. Credits to #FridaysForFuture with all their energy for change, made me looking for the right tunes to tune in. Final credits to Carmel and this beautiful cutting vocal, starting the cover of "Stormy Weather". A sample that waited for more than 10 years for the perfect spot and which built the bridge between the initial ideas of this song to it's story and #FridaysForFuture". It connected the dots and made each part of the song find the right place.

I don't know why, there's no sun in the sky...


This track was inspired by the amazing stories told by Guy Garvey & the energy of the #FridaysForFuture movement connected by Carmel's voice.


Two loose ends connected with a sample from past, that's the nutshell of this track.

One starting point was triggered by the wonderful Reprise Version of Elbow's "The Birds". The touching voices (and breathing) of John Moseley and the Hallé Youth Choir inspired me for the vibe of this song. I broke it down into pieces, rearranged it as the foundation for the sentiment of the track.

Another starting point was inspired by the energy of the #FridaysForFuture movement. But how to capture an extract of it ?


It all started to make sense and tell a story when this magic sample, waiting in my collection for more than 10 years for the right spot to fit in, popped up out of nowhere to build the bridge. Carmel's amazing voice kicking off the song "Stormy Weather" made everything shine.

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