Dance wherever you are (dar008)

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Dance wherever you are

Dance wherever you are, is not only the slogan of dancearmada's live set transmissions for virtual clubbing, but also the title of his first ever album. The tracks result out of fragments from interviews, movies, soundbits or melodies that create a connection to what happens around us in small moments or larger contexts. Enjoy the ride and don't forget to #DanceWhereverYouAre 

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1. Intro (You look amazing)

2. What makes our groove

3. Mellow Drift

4. StepByStep

5. No Sun in the Sky

6. Chemical Acid

7. That’s what they say

8. Canyon

9. Floating

10. What makes our groove (That Is All Dream Remix)

11. Mellow Drift (Out for a Walk Remix)

12. StepByStep (A Lullabye Version) 

13. No sun in the sky (Mumble Mix)

14. Chemical Acid (Acid Dub Remix) 

15. That’s what they say (da Float Remix)

16. Outro (When you leave)

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