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Started mixing at the age of 10. First "remix" by lifting the needle just a tiny bit to create loops out of the unevenness of the vinyls. In the meantime the equipment changed a little bit, but the fun of turning stupid little ideas and emotions into a flow of music remained. 

A selection of strong influences: Watching Westbam live remixing a Madonna tune using three turntables at the same time stuck to his mind. The use of real life samples and turn it into music by Depeche Mode and The Art Of Nose. The creative art to work with samples of Fatboy Slim and Moby and the art of creating 12 inches by Trever Horn and Stephen Lipson at ZTT


He opened the virtual club dancearmada with live transmissions on Saturdays and started to release own tracks in 2018

He also does remixes and compilation of mixtapes.




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