da 017.house nation Vol.5 -in da mix-

Sometimes it's gotta be house. Beaming myself straight into the Bay Area of SF, sitting in my car and listening to Energy 92.7.

da 017.house nation Vol.5

There are already some house nation playlists in my library, but this is the first I've transformed -in da mix- even though most of the tracks on the list were compiled around 2015/2016.

We're heading off, flying away with the fantastic Jesse Rose, taking the Bay Bridge entering the Skyline of downtown. With us we do have Weiss, Claude VonStroke, Jimi Jules, Oliver $, Christian Nielsen, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Masan & Moonbootica, Demon and finally we are left satisfied with Nora En Pure. So jump in, we're taking off, right now.


Playlist of the individual tracks:

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