da 002.electrocruise vol.1 -in da mix-

Let's go for a ride

da 002.electrocruise vol.1 (2009)

This collection is already quite some years old, but still is made to cruise.

Tomcraft's "When I was sixten" sets the tempo as we are rolling down the windows to get going. We leave the city behind finding the outta space with Guy J's "Lamur" sparkling across the skyline. We follow this long straight road with Paul Kalkbrenner's "Square 1". Berlin is calling through this amazing cooperation of Paul and Fritz Kalkbrenner and their iconic extended "Sky and Sand", which lets us feel the breeze on our skin,  no matter where we are. Moderat's unique sound creations moves us forward with "Rusty Nails" and with Gui Boratto there is "No turning back". Pryda "Lift"s us and the Blue Foundation's "Sweep" leaves us grooving in our seat. We are humming passing the cove with D-Nox and Beckers' "Cala a Boca", before we head back with Dosem's "Silent Drop". Hope it was a nice ride.

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